Members table show 2019

Exhibits set up early & the usual friendly rivalry

As usual before a show everybody rushed in early to get their exhibits set up and there was the usual friendly rivalry.

While the judging was taking place we had a short talk on the Plantation Garden in Norwich by one of the gardens trustees. This garden is known as Norwich’s secret garden being in the middle of the city adjacent to the Roman Catholic cathedral . The most easiest route to get there is by train to Norwich station and then a number 26 bus. The land was donated by Sir John Petters to a preachers charity and is still owned by a hospital charity to this day. Henry Trevor son of a farmer built a substantial house and created the garden from a chalk quarry using reclaimed materials to provide niches, ruins, surprises and fountains. No one particular style dominated but an eclectic mix of Victorian, Gothic, Italianate, medieval and rustic, using architectural salvage. As the garden was built in a quarry it had sloping sides and these were heavily planted with trees and shrubs. also bedding plants and chrysanthemums were extensively used. There was also a palm house with tropical and sub tropical plants.

After Henry’s death it became impossible to maintain the garden and the palm house fell in to disrepair with the garden becoming totally overgrown. The house passed through several hands , the NHS and midwives training to becoming an hotel but now is a private home.

The garden is mainly run by volunteers with one part time gardener, it is extremely popular with the towns people and is well used, the entrance fee being only £2 which encourages visitors to visit during their lunch breaks.

PHOTO BY: Sheila Pettett
Gardening Club in Lowestoft

News & Updates

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New Year, New Webmaster

We would like to say a big thank you to Sheila who has done an amazing job keeping our website up to date in the past eighteen months.  We wish her well as she moves on to pastures new.  From January this year Debbie will be taking on the role as Webmaster.  For website queries please get in touch with her through the contact form on our Get In Touch page.


It is with great sadness that one of our staunchest members have died. Our sympathies go to his family and partner Marion.

Allotment Sharing

One of our members has 2 large allotments at St Margaret Road site in Lowestoft which he shared with his late mother and her partner. He has tried to keep them going but is finding it difficult on his own. He finds gardening very therapeutic and having suffered from cancer himself he wondered if other members who have had similar experiences could join him on his allotments where they could share experiences and socialise together. Without a team to help him he will have to give up the allotments but feels it would be beneficial to all concerned to work together. For more information please complete the contact form.

Changes to membership fees

It has been agreed by both the members and the committee that the membership fee will increase to £10 per annum, In order to get good speakers we need to increase our income, speakers costs have also increased as have their travelling costs. The entrance fee will remain at £1.00 with first time guest free of charge.