Members Garden Visit.

An inpromtu garden visit due to the cancellation at short notice of our booked speaker.

It was very disappointing to be informed at short notice that due to unforseen circumstances our speaker for 15th June had to cancel. This of course causes a dilemma, what to do, too late to get a replacement, could have a quiz but takes a lot of organising, in the end one of our members decided she would open her garden. 21 people attended paid their £1 entrance and 50p for a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit as they would have done if they been able to hear the speaker at the hall.

The garden was looking very pretty and everyone enjoyed a stroll round admiring the roses and asking the name of some of the rarer plants. What was really nice was over tea everyone sat round chatting and getting to know each other better, what better way to spend a summers evening.

PHOTO BY: Sheila Pettett
Gardening Club in Lowestoft

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Changes to membership fees

It has been agreed by both the members and the committee that the membership fee will increase to £10 per annum, In order to get good speakers we need to increase our income, speakers costs have also increased as have their travelling costs. The entrance fee will remain at £1.00 with first time guest free of charge.